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Launch Dates ending in -xx have not yet been announced.
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305 S Washington Ave
Titusville FL

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Next Launch:
🛰 Lucy
🚀 Atlas V
📆 2020-10-16
5:34 amEST
🌍 10:35 UTC
🔭 Pad 41
📺 Lucy Video
Future Launch:
🛰 Crew 3
🚀 Falcon 9
📆 2021-10-30
2:43 amEDT
🌍 06:43 UTC
🔭 Pad 39A
Future Launch:
🛰 CSG-2 satellite
🚀 Falcon Heavy
📆 2022-01-xx
X:xx pmEST
🔭 Pad 39A
Directions to
Space View Park

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You should not visit Space View Park 🔭
in Titusville to watch a launch during Virus
Season. You should watch the ULA Webcast
which will start 15 minutes before launch.
❕ But if visiting the park to view a launch,
All people in your party should
wear a mask. 😷

Free e-books from NASA

Things to read while waiting for the launch

📚 NASA E-Books

📘 ISS U.S. National Lab Annual Report 2019

📱 NASA Apps for Smartphones

Apollo History at NASA.Gov

Space Shuttle History at NASA.Gov

👨‍🚀 👨🏻‍🚀 Two Funny Astronauts

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📺 Channel 6's award winning report on Space View Park
Winner of the The 2020 Radio Television Digital News Association regional Excellance in Sound Award

📺 Spectrum News 13 coverage of Area Code 321 20th Anniversary

A video of "The Comeback Coast" including Space View Park.
Click the arrow marked 6:09 for the full clip.
(The video is a 'Web Extra' to The Washington Post article)

The American Space Museum in Titusville should be a Point Of Interest in your GPS Reciever. If not, put in 308 Pine St in Titusville FL.

5 Directions to Space View Park, 🔭 a great place to view Atlas, Delta, and Falcon launches.
6 Fresh Keps Menu, Links to Keplerian Elements, the mathematical variables used by Satellite Tracking programs. +
7 Space Flight Now International Launch Schedule7, covering launches around the world.

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Future Launches from the Canaveral Spaceport

Launch dates ending in -xx are To Be Determined.

Lucy, a planned NASA space probe that will complete a 12-year journey to seven different asteroids, visiting a main belt asteroid as well as six Jupiter trojans, asteroids which share Jupiter's orbit around the Sun, orbiting either ahead of or behind the planet. All target encounters will be fly-by encounters.
- Booster: Falcon 9
- Launch Date: 2017-10-15

USSF-44, , A secret spy satellite for the US Space Force.
- Booster: Falcon 9
- Launch Date: 2017-11-xx

Starlink, A fresh 'batch' of Starlink Satellites for Elon Musk's constellation of CRS-23 Cargo Dragon
- Booster: Falcon 9
- Launch Date: 2021-08-30

Last Updated: 2020-09-10

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